Monday, February 11, 2013

Project Life 2013

I had a great time doing Project Life last year. It has transformed the way I scrapbook and for now, at least, I can't imagine doing it any other way. I absolutely love the ordinariness of it. I love that it captures our day to day lives, and not just the 'big' moments. I'm already enjoying flipping through the album and remembering...and some of the memories are only 6 weeks old!
Cover page
There was no question I'd be doing the same again this year. I did consider that it might be a bit 'samey' and I think at times it will be - but isn't that the perfect way to document the passage of time. That photo of the front of the house? - looks the same. But look closely and aren't those bushes and shrubs so much bigger and bushier than a year ago? The view from the deck? - wow - 5 more houses built in the last 12 months, and that same old picture of the bedside tables? - you can peek at the book I was reading at the time and that I had a cold because the cough medicine and a box of tissues is visible!

I picked the seafoam core kit to use this year. I love the neutral colour palette it has and the simplicity of the designs - I don't think theres a card design I don't like and won't use!
Weeks 2 & 3

Last year I confess to sometimes taking 3-4 hours on a 'simple' double page spread. And whilst I loved every minute of that time playing and being creative I think Chris would like a bit more quality together time! So I want to still have fun with the creative side but in an effort to keep it more simple and straight-forward to put together I'm trying to use more of the kit and less of my own papers. 5 weeks in, and that seems to be working. The other thing that is working for me is to keep completely up-to-date with it. That way if I have a spare 10 minutes in the evening I can pop into my craft room and cut up that receipt or tag I just got and pop it into a pocket. Or spend those few moments resizing some photos. So by the time I come to put the spread together on the weekend it's already half done! My weeks are running Monday to Sunday and I'm generally getting the pages together on Sunday or Monday night!
Week 5 & a Vizsla!

This year I'm sharing my layouts on Instagram - if you're on a computer you can find my feed here or if you're using the app on your phone my Instagram name is brit_chick...

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  1. Fantastic job honey; loved looking through last year's books xxx


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