Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Sparkling treat!

There are days when you love your job.....and then there are days when you sit back, admire the panoramic lake views, eat delicious panna cotta from a champagne flute and realise that actually you're AT work!!

Last week I spent several days out of the office at the Sparkling Hill resort in Vernon, BC. It's co-owned by the man behind Swarovski crystals and the hotel is decorated with over 3.5 million little (and large) crystals.

And so, I booked our training event at the resort! (and thus made myself the most popular event planner in history by our 55 delegates!)
Not bad views! And actually we had lousy weather with low clouds so the views get waaaay better than this! (L) My 'office' with a view for the 2 day training (R) My guestroom view - and that thing in the bottom right of the photo - that would be my bath-tub!

This resort is epic! Floor to ceiling windows in all the guest rooms with panoramic views of mountains and lakes. Crystal fireplaces in each room and complimentary use of the 40,000sqft KurSpa which included a collection of 7 steam rooms and saunas, kneip Water therapy pool, an indoor pool and whirlpool and an outdoor infinity edge heated pool, a serenity room, tea rooms, fitness suite and a yoga/movement studio. Myself and the other guests were all giddy with excitement!

My room! In the dark - so imagine expansive views from those floor to ceiling windows! The whole room is open concept with the bath tub by the window and the bathroom area on the other side of that partition wall to the left...
The bathroom with walk-through shower, double sink vanity and crystal-encrusted mirrors

This is the crystal 'fireplace' in each room! (and oh, look - a husband!! who couldn't help but gate-crash the 'party' to make good use of the spa facilities whilst I was working!

I made good use of the pool first thing in the morning - as I was swimming my lengths I tried to figure out when I last swam for exercise - you know 40 minutes of solid lengths...and I think it may actually have been when I had a gym membership for Cannons gym in Swindon....and I left Swindon in 2000 - er, that would be 13 years ago!! So all things considering it's a shocker that I didn't drown and the luxury of early morning swims is that there was no-one else there to have saved me! 

Everywhere you turned there was a twinkle of crystal - on door knobs, mirrors and event the man/woman icon denoting the restrooms was made of crystals!!
The crystals hanging from the ceiling by the wine bar (L) and the lobby (R)

Sparkling Hill really is a cut above....we loved our stay there....and now we're back in planning mode for the next training event.....can I see a return to luxury on the horizon?! (me and 55 other eager delegates all hope so!)

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