Monday, April 15, 2013

'Wakey Wakey' Orange Juice

It was only a few months ago that I actually decided liked sweet potatoes. Now I love them, and realise just how versatile they can be! And with the added bonus of being better for you than regular white potatoes. We're subbing them more and more these days, for mash on the top of a shepherds pie, as chippy potatoes, and for our favourite 'can't think of anything else meal' - Baked potatoes. But none of those are really 'recipe' worthy....

So I came up with this.....a delicious orange juice! We're big fans of our new juicer which we got this past Christmas. And usually we just throw anything and everything into it and end up with a browny green sludgey  concoction. Which to be fair doesn't really look that appetising, but I love that I know how darn good it is for me! But I've been wanting to make an actual, real recipe for a while. And this is a perfect replacement to my trusty Tropicana OJ (which, as I learn more and more about eating well, isn't quite as perfect as I thought).....anyway, the recipe.....

Ingredients (makes 2 servings)
3 Oranges
1 medium sweet potato
4-5 carrots
1" cube ginger

That's it! - chuck it all in the juicer and BAM! An extremely delicious, refreshing juice, great for any time of day, but I loved it first thing - I think the orange colour just screams 'wakey wakey!!' And that zing of ginger - oh yes, you'll be awake!

I'm linking up again this month to the Healthy Recipes Blog Carnival over at InSpiral Coaching. This month's featured ingredient was Sweet Potatoes. 


  1. Make me almost want a hangover just to be revitalised...;-)

    1. I can't speak for it's effectiveness as a hangover cure, but maybe we should check it out sometime - anyone got a BIG birthday coming up that we can celebrate?!?!


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