Monday, April 8, 2013

5 by the 5th Challenge - April run

So we're into month 4 of the 5 by the 5th Virtual Run Series  that Laura is hosting and I must say I haven't exactly been a perfect runner these last few months (I call it seasonal runner disorder!) but signing up for her challenge has definitely kept me accountable  And some months, getting this run in has pretty much been the only run I achieved all month!

A few of my earlier runs this year I did with my new running companion - Miss Meli. And as it stands right now she's not the best running buddy - I only hope we figure things out along the way - for both our sakes! She's a Vizsla and they love to run but now she's still young but we've got a lot to learn about running along on a leash...and she'll always need to be leashed since most of my runs are done on roads with no side-walks  I don't think either of us is enjoying it much right now and I was even getting to the point where I didn't want to run. I finally realised that it wasn't that I didn't want to run, but more that I didn't want to run with her. So since I've given myself permission to stop trying to push this too much right now I'm off on my own again - and honestly - much happier. For now! I'm also relieved that these last couple of runs without Little Miss Meli my paces are back to what I would expect (since running with her my paces had been waaaay off - and it might have been winter and all, but still...!)

But excuse-time is all over for me. With the old running companion issue figured out, temperatures in the early 20's this week here in Canada, and sunshine galore (and the snow cover being a thankful distant memory!) it's time I knuckled down to business. And this month's 5 by the 5th run got my month off to an awesome start!

I also did my first early get-up before work run this week to celebrate a new month and being able to see daylight before 7am!! April's 5 by the 5th run was a sweet 5 miler, at a pace I'm happy with, and it felt gooooood!

Thanks Laura!

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  1. I'm so glad it's helping to hold you accountable! I am so good at excuses in cold weather.... I don't know how I would do it. :)


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