Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday celebrations!

My little baby turned one year old last weekend. It's hard to believe! This time last year we'd only just decided we wanted a dog! Since she came from so far away we never got to meet her in person until she landed on the tarmac at Kelowna Airport looking incredibly small! And in some ways I think that the day she came home with us is the day that we should celebrate. (So I guess we'll be celebrating again on 4th July ;-)

But who am I to argue with birthday traditions! Off I popped to the local doggie supply & bakery store* and found a cute pink doggie birthday cake and a lovely big juicy bone! She's not normally the sweet-taste type so I wasn't sure how popular the cake would be when pitched against the bone. But food is food I guess and she gobbled it up, making a fine mess of crumbs all over the floor in the process (actually the crumbs not so much the problem - it's the drool and saliva mess she leaves on the hardwood when licking up the crumbs!!) - Ahhhhh - the joys of puppy-parenthood! And of course the bone one week later is still going strong!

It may not have been the most exciting day for her. Mummy and Daddy weren't feeling on top form after the celebrations for Daddy's 50th Birthday the night before so we had lots of snuggle time on the sofa instead. And normally (and unusually for a Vizsla) she's not the greatest fan of sofa snuggling, but she was allowed on the human sofa with the special 'human blanket' aka the most giant coziest fleece throw in the history of the world that we try to keep dog hair free. But since it was her birthday we made exception to the rule and had a grand day cuddling and snuggling and just hanging out on a lazy Saturday.

She's so gorgeous! Happy Birthday Meli-mou!

*(When I was buying the cake at the pet store the woman there was asking if we were having a birthday party and inviting other doggies over for play time .......err....seriously do people DO that?! How to make a doggie-mummy feel bad or what....?!


  1. I know people that have doggy birthday parties! Hilarious.

    Happy Birthday!!

    1. Too funny! Things are crazy enough on an average day with our pup, I wouldn't want to add to the mix by having a party!!


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