Thursday, February 6, 2014

21DSD Day 1

So there's this awesome 2 page preparation checklist in the 21DSD book. 7 days before starting, 5 days, 3 days and finally the day before. Fantastic idea! Diane mentions repeatedly that one of the biggest keys to success is preparation....

Errrrr, so I read (most) of the book beforehand.....that works right?! With Chris heading overseas the house was in upheaval for the last few days. I was going to start Monday. And actually I did do a bit of a 'dry run' that day even whilst I was in 9 hours of First Aid training! Tuesday was our Workplace Wellness 'Love Yourself' themed event I helped arrange with potluck supper (bring red food we said, we can all die of food colouring toxic poisoning tomorrow we said!).

In the end I started Yesterday and I had nothing prepped ahead of time (honestly I'd not even had a chance to sit down and do my menu planner). I managed to fluff my way through day one - egg muffins for breakfast, a salad with feta & toasted seeds on it for lunch and nuts for snacking on. By the time I got home from work on Wednesday I was a woman possessed!

Lets get this 21DSD Prepping done, baby! I was making up for lost time....On my lunch break at work I'd been able to browse the recipes again and I sketched out a menu plan for week 1 - that takes me through the weekend and into the middle of next week. (I will menu plan week 2 over the weekend). Menu planning for our evening meals is something we've been in the habit of for some time, but snacks and lunch - not so much, and really that's the area where I make my worst food choices for sure.

What I prepped;
  • Banola (snacks) (Pretend granola made with a banana puree as the binder for the clumps)
  • Cinnilla Nut Mix (snacks)
  • Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins (breakfast)
  • Boiled Eggs (breakfast or snacks)
  • Kale Chips (snacks) (some may have found their way to my mouth before the baking tray even hit the counter top on it's way out of the oven - a little dinner prep' fuelling!)
  • Chopped Veggies (snacks)
  • Almond Milk & Almond Meal mostly snack stuff!! And a little forethought into my breakfasts since I'm usually short on time and in the past have always grabbed a smoothie to go.

Evening meals will be cooked fresh each evening.

Day 1 evening meal was the delicious Garlic Ginger Beef & Broccoli (which I had prepped the previous evening to marinate). I had planned to have faux rice with it (cauliflower disguised as rice - shockingly good - I've made it before!) but I got lazy and decided to allow myself a small portion of brown rice and quinoa blend (which is one of the modifications for high intensity exercise which I'd done today! - bonus points for me!!). I followed the recipe as per the book (pg130) except for the fish sauce (can't find a fish sauce without sugar in it locally for love 'nor money!) but I did marinate the meat for 24 hours and I added a little hot sauce - next time I'll add chilli flakes too!

All in all a fabulous start to the Detox. I've felt great! Almost like nothings changed....

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