Friday, February 7, 2014

21DSD Day 2

I've gotta say it's going well. I don't know why I'm so surprised?! Meal prepping those snacks have been critical and something I know I'll need to stay ahead of if I want success in the program. I haven't really been missing much of anything so far (but I have figured out that I need to steer clear of the recipe boards on Pinterest for a while!) and I certainly have not been hungry.

I am finding all the prep work and evening meals kinda time consuming  but actually I don't think it's really any fault of the detox program. I picked a week to start when Chris has just gone away and all of a sudden I'm working all day, getting home to walk Meli and cooking dinner, and meal prepping snacks etc. First world problems, right?! I know it's perfectly possible and millions do it but the point is I'M not in the habit of doing it all without a more assistance from Chris.

I think my standard 'smoothie for breakfast' was wearing thin. Although we always packed it with super-foods and good stuff I'm not sure it was very exciting. For now at least having variety for breakfast is good. Having said that, yesterday for Day 2 breakfast I did make a smoothie since I needed to use up the almond milk, but I followed the recipe from the book - a nice chocolaty one! I missed the sweetness just a little here - but given it was only Day 2 it wasn't bad - I could feasibly see myself having this one again and not minding the lack of sweetness - just give me a few more days!!

Snacks were kale chips, boiled eggs and cinnilla nut mix

Last night's meal wasn't exactly what was on the menu - but I rolled with it and turned it into something beautiful! I was planning on the meatloaf but I had it in my head they were made with turkey not beef. Which I'm sure would've worked. But I had turkey that needed using. So I then switched it up to the stuffed peppers. And then I stopped following a recipe...! I fried up 1lb ground turkey, with onion, garlic in my pan, then added some zucchini which I found shriveling in the bottom of the salad drawer, lots of fresh bail, spinach and finally some tomato paste and chopped tomatoes. I did then stuff this glorious mixture into a baked red pepper cut in half - but really that was one of the only similarities to my original menu inspiration! I spinkled a little grated cheese on top and put it under a high grill to brown a little. I then served it with some cauliflower & coriander faux-rice and it was good!

What I'm loving already about this detox is how easy it is to make good healthy meals. For me the dinners are a cinch. We've already been cooking mostly clean, made-from-scratch evening meals so our personal repertoire of meal choices is quite good. And drawing from that experience made adapting last night's meal quite easy for me. (it's the other meals in the day, along with snacking that I'm going to hone my skills in during this detox I can tell)

Another successful and easy day for me. I've worked out both of the last 2 mornings for around 40 minutes a go, doing Supreme 90 cardio and strength training. Luckily I haven't really noticed any changes in energy levels and since today's was one of the lighter (easier!) workout DVD's I didn't add anything for energy modifications as per the plan. I do want to try and improve my sleep pattern - last night was a much later night than planned so with a long weekend here in BC coming up I hope to get in at least a couple of 8 hour nights!

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