Tuesday, February 11, 2014

21DSD Days 6 & 7

Yesterday was Family Day in British Columbia - a new statutory holiday for us (it's only our second year!) After my distinctly blah afternoon on Sunday I had an early night with 'The Book Thief' on my kindle. And another sleep-in so I got a fabulous 9 hours! However when I woke up I felt quite weak and light-headed. I pottered around the house getting some chores done but I did decide to skip my morning workout. I cooked up the second batch of pancakes with the batter left over from yesterday, and I added a healthy dollop of Greek yogurt and hemp hearts on top, along with the vanilla coconut butter and some mashed banana. I wanted to make sure I started out the day with breakfast first thing packed with plenty of protein - mission accomplished!

After an hour of dog walking through a fresh layer of snow in the morning I headed to a local community event where I was working. I was sure to pack some snacks and (not to slip up yet again) my lunch! I used some of the left over chicken from the Tahini Chicken, along with some sliced avocado and chèvre and wrapped it all up in some giant lettuce leaves - tasty and delicious!!

Last night's dinner was a Chili I'd started before I'd headed out to work, so just a little more simmering when I got home and dinner was ready in no time! I'm enjoying my dairy still since I'm only on level 1 of the detox program so I threw a little cheddar cheese on top!

Today marks the end of my first week! Hurrah! I've started feeling a bit blah about it all. I think the shine and excitement of it all has faded a little and I'm left with the stark reality that is sugar withdrawl!!..or not! Seriously though, I'm not sure I'm that desperate for sugar. I think about it a lot, but more in the sense that I want what I can't have - if I could have sweeteners and not dairy I'd be desperate for dairy (been there on the previous detoxes I've done!). I think the recipes in the book are excellent and varied. I've really enjoyed flipping through and picking out choices for dinner. Meal prepping is getting a little easier and I've built up a decent stash of meals in the freezer so I'm seeing an even easier week next week! - that's one perk of having my sweetheart away!

Today for breakfast I had a pumpkin spice muffin all mashed up and mixed together with greek yogurt and hemp hearts - a big moshy messy bowl of yum! Those muffins really are fantastically awesome - If I'm 'craving' something sweet they are hitting the mark! I'd also made the faux-caccia over the weekend so had a slice of that for a mid-morning snack along with a green juice. Lunch was leftover chili and this evening was the Asian Meatballs. I also made myself some 'treats' - the lemon melts from the book - 4 ingredients - coconut butter, coconut oil, vanilla bean seeds and fresh lemon juice and zest. They are delish!

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