Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Seattle gave us it's best for the Easter weekend - rain. Tons of it! And everything was shut. Which scuppered my plans for a bit of retail therapy before we head out of town and whilst Chris was watching the motorbike racing on TV (which was being held in the desert in Quatar and it got rained off! - unheard of!). Anyway...

To be honest we did a lot of sitting in the room today. Chris wasn't feeling great anyhow and eventually after a quick trip to Panera Bread for lunch and Walmart (ok, I was desperate to get out and to a shop of some sort!) I settled down to do some long overdue digi scrapbooking. This is the second of my class assingments from the 'Digi in Deep' class I took with Jessica Sprague. Fantastic class and excellent teaching style but I just didn't have the commitment to follow the class at the time so I'm playing catch up now. I'm pretty pleased with the results and with the extra time to prepare I unearthed this great old photo of Chris to pair with a more up to date one of him and his bikes!


  1. Fab page honey; wonder which felt fastest???

  2. GREAT JOB Helen! Don't you just love how we can put off our classes at Jessica's?!?! I have been gone a week so i have to play catch up with the TW class now.

    Love what you did with your layout! Keep it up and your classmates are always here if you need help :)


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