Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meli the snow pup!

I reckon this has got to be the snowiest winter we've had so far in Canada. I love it, especially when the actual temperatures we've been having are so mild - definitely the mildest winter for us at the same time!

Since Vizslas don't have an undercoat we were kind of expecting Meli to not really take to the snow. And in fact very early signs of the white stuff often resulted in using the leash just to drag her outside to go pee. But that was obviously just facing the unknown. And now she knows it seems that her and snow are BFFs!! I did buy her a little winter coat, but actually it didn't fit her skinny body all that well and she just kept trying to chew the thing off - anyway it got returned. Coats, smoats!! Who needs em?!

She goes crazy. And it is truly the funniest thing to watch she leaping around like a deer, and skidding to a stop when we're out playing catch.

She loves the game where Daddy finds a big snow covered tree and shakes the branches so all the snow falls off and she can leap around trying to 'catch' it. She gets covered in the stuff but just shakes it off then bounces around your feet to do it all over again. People in our area might find it strange that none of our local trees have snow on them when there's a foot on the ground - er, that'll be why!!

And don't even try walking through snow without her chomping at your feet....if you scuff your way through the snow to kick it up she'll just merrily run along backwards in front of you trying to eat it all up!

Snowshoeing is also a fun game - especially since Mum's technique seems to flick snow OR just completely sink into the stuff! (Here we demonstrate the sink technique!)
Daddy took her dirt-biking in the snow this week too! She ran like the wind to keep up, that is until there was something interesting to sniff or burrow or dig, then she'd run along and catch up again.
Snow - her favourite thing!!


  1. Shes's too cute!
    It' funny because people who don't know Canadian weather that well would assume that all of Canada looks like this, but today it's +12 and not a spot of snow on the ground here in Southern Ontario (i love it!). I actually overheated on my run this morning lol. It looks like you guys are enjoying every minute of it! :)

    1. Thanks Bailey! She is a cutie that's for sure. We've been having heaps of snow but it's really not cold - but yes it's funny how every time we speak to people (not from Canada) they assume it must be freezing here ALL THE TIME!! Glad to hear you're still running. The white stuff kinda stops me in my tracks - I concluded a while back I was a seasonal runner!!! But I have 2 half marathons lined up for May & June so I'll get back on training soon - probably Feb or Mar depending on the weather!


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