Monday, January 14, 2013

Currently: January

I'd like to try recording some snapshots of life a little more often this year. And perhaps even get some of these lists from Chris - it'll be great to add into my project life album!

Current BookThe Secret Speech (the second in a trilogy from Tom Rob Smith)
Current Drink – Fresh Fruit & Veg juice (just bought our first juicer!)
Current Excitement – Chris scoring his first client
Current fashion trend – Juicing
Current Favourite Blog/
Current Love – Project Life (specifically the new seafoam kit)
Current Food – Warm Pumpkin Oatmeal
Current Indulgence – Organic nuts (just made the switch from non-organic)
Currently Pondering – Signing up for Urban Harvest Organic veggie delivery
Current Mood – busy
Current New Find Netflix – it’s way better than the last time I browsed – lots of shows I want to watch, plus a bunch of documentaries
Current Outfit – Lululemon lounge pants and sweatshirts
Current Peeve – Google+ - I’m sorry I’m just not getting it
Current Song – Dog Days are Over: Florence + The Machine (that pole dancing video with this music is doing the rounds again – that girl is good – and so is this song!)
Current Triumph – Me getting 2 new clients this week (yes - between us we had a great week!)
Current TV ShowPan-am. We watched a couple episodes last year on a flight to China – now we’re catching up the rest of the season on Netflix (can’t believe they cancelled this show)
Current Wish-List – Water filter
Currently Delaying – renewing our Costco membership – do we really need it?

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