Friday, February 7, 2014

21DSD Day 3

Let's talk Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins for breakfast (and snacks, and lunch and....!) Oh Heck Yes! Today they were on my menu for breakfast and I really couldn't wait to crack open the Tupperware and tuck in! - I made this batch with extra (extra!) Franks Red Hot sauce so they were super tasty! I love that they can be prepped in a big batch in advance and will keep for 2-3 days in the fridge. The perfect grab-and-go breakfast which I can see we'll be making long after the detox finishes!

I really struggled to pull myself out of bed this morning. It happens. I don't know if it's the detox. I only needed to put in 4 hours at work so I set my alarm a little later and was going to head into work later. It took me 65 minutes from the alarm going off to getting my behind downstairs to workout. Once I was down there and the DVD was on I had a great workout, full of energy - Jillian Michaels kicked my butt with the 30 Day Shred routine. It might be short but it's a sweat-fest!

Once at work I did have a glass of green juice (cucumber, kale stalks (left over from making the kale chips! - hey, waste not want not!!), ginger, mint, green apple, lemon and celery) It was awesome - again I'm excited by how much I enjoyed it with so little fruit in it - I've always been a bit of a fruit monster when we're juicing at home. I think the fresh mint and ginger really helps the flavor so I'll up for continuing this (and Chris - you really can't taste the celery hon'!!)

Tonight's meal was prairie pie. I only call it 'prairie pie' because I made it with Moose instead of Beef - and moose kinda live on the prairies, right?!! I followed the recipe in the book for the Shepherd's Pie (but I was all out of shepherds!!!) but I did add plenty of bacon since moose meat is a little drier than beef. I also added in a little tomato paste and chopped tomatoes since that's how I 'normally' make my prairie pie. The only thing missing was stock - and of note, the detox has already been an eye-opener in that department. No such thing as sugar-free stock. Not in my town anyhow. And right now I don't have any bones handy but I think we'll be making bone broth in the future for our stock purposes. It's something I use a lot of! Back to the pie...I served this with cauli-mash and a sprinking of cheese on top and a side of broccolette and leeks - yum! I had some handy personal sized bowls and made 3 of these beauts' so meals next week should be a snitch easier!

Since I was already making a mess of the kitchen this evening I also whipped up a batch of the pumpkin carrot muffins. 21DSD - you have turned me into a MUFFIN MONSTER!! I am loving muffins! These ones were awesome - they were nearly cool by the time I sunk my teeth into one!

So Day 3 - I am exhausted. All this meal prepping and dinner plans have me busy, busy, busy. I only did 4 hours work today but it's 9.30pm and it's the first time I've sat down to relax after getting up at 6am. It IS a lot of work to prep good food. And if I'm honest whilst our evening meals have always been good stuff from scratch I can see already that it was other meals and snacks during the day where we reached for less than perfect options. And now I'm including making those too my workload has gone up. It's OK (At least it will be when I can share it with Chris once he's back ;-) I also messed up today - I forgot to eat lunch! (it was out on the counter-top ready to heat up but I got caught up in getting out to take Meli for her walk and by the time I got home it was 5pm! I did snack on some cheese and tomatoes and snap-peas to tide me over till dinner. On reflection I have felt more tired today and I wonder if it could have been less than ideal nutrition (I also didn't eat breakfast till late - the first thing I ate all day was at 9:30 after having done a morning workout - I think that's also whey my days meals got pushed back and messed up a bit) Also now I'll soon be turning in for the night I realise I've probably only drank 2 pints of water today. Live and learn people. Must do better tomorrow. I'm looking forward to my weekend!!


  1. I am finding your detox posts really interesting Helen! I just wanted you to know that there is someone out here reading and learning from what you're writing. I'm looking forward to your next post :) xXx

    1. Thanks Rachel! I wanted a place to record my thoughts as I do it as much as anything so I can look back on it. I'm actually quite enjoying it! LOTS of good food. It's just shopping that sucks since there's all that temptation out there. If I stayed indoors the whole time I'd be just peachy!


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